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Color :  

Yellow, Red, Blue, White, Black, Sky Blue. Clear (Nude),Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Pink, Orange. 



Manufacture :

grip Trade Company 



Distributor :

Internet Prim Tech Co..

Sinaro Info. Company


Kim's Club (Wholesale Mart )


Grip Trade Company 

China       : IPTchina

U.S          : High End U.S.A 

Mexico     : C&L Group

Japan       : Makino Group

Singapore   : Jin Yong Ahn.

Saipan      : 123DISCOUNT STORE

Hawaii      : ACE Distribution Co.

Guam       :



We, grip Trade Company have manufactured TAPA SANDAL  in KOREA . and Exported TAPA to US,JAPAN,SAIPAN,Mexico.

Our 2001 Biz Target is Announce  TAPA SANDAL to World Wide.

TAPA took part in ASM/ADM Sans Expo 2000 at Las Vegas Convention Center  from Aug. 20 to Aug. 24.

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Feel free to contact to grip USA.

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Grip Glass soon.

We do our best  for Customer Satisfaction.

Thank you very much.

Tae Sik YOON/ President  213-388-8944