MODEL : AL-6900

Double function possible to apply for Bulgogi board and Stew board.
Ultra capacity : Extra four-cornered size
Teflon not to be scorched. Possible to adjust temperature from 100-200.
Sliding oil container possible to separate fat and oil
intensified glass cover are built in
Convenient to clean by the separation of board
wo-Bird-One-Stone solution, Possible to cook any meals you want after separating a board of main body
As of surface temperature of cooking board, it is smoothly raised up to a saturation,
From 200, regular temperature maintains and it makes cooking without burning.
By the sensor raising and maintaining temperature of heating board, it can cook
in 100-200.

Characteristics of Bulgogi Board

By ultra-triple coating of bottom, it won't be scorched.
By the special design groove of surface, it will cook and
boil to the inside of meat and has very excellent
heat conduction.
Letting oil out and oil container

When cooking, the oil watering from meat will run and
be saved to an oil container along the direction of
groove so it can prevent geriatric disease from cholesterol.
Special triple bottom coating
The bottom of Stew board and Bulgogi board are not removed by ultra triple coating
and it can cook many kinds of dishes without scorching when frying or cooking stew, etc.