MODEL: AL-3100

Function of dust filter
It is prevented that dust enters into human body through respiratory organs in cleansing as removing dust generating by the dust bag in the surface of many dust filters and letting purified and clean air out.
Multi-Functional Vacuum Cleaner
Cleaning in floors, the narrow of furniture, table, indoors, the lattice of glasses, blinds.
Up to plant lices
  Cleans plant lices or dust inside, making the ply of carpet laying down as the same direction.
- Triangle Nozzle : Convenient to use in cleansing the cover sheet of bed and car.
- Narrow Nozzle : Convenient to clean the window frame, narrows, the inner side of car.
- Main Nozzle and Extended Tube : Convenient to clean a wide space such as carpet, living room, etc and no need to bend down in a floor cleaning.
Total Weight Consuming hour Chargable time Body size(WxLxH) Name of part Method of packing
1.2kg 8~15
8hour 437105132(mm) main/Narrow/Triangle/Extended tube/Chargable/Storage Stand Individual body with fancy color - 1 unit.
Transporting box - 12 units