MODEL : AL-3000W

- The double chargable method adopted for the first time in domestic market, Charging and storage at the same time.
- GREEN LAND, the vacuum cleaner made by ALONA, boasting of strong power and suction, can suck ticks and mold germs.
- It is completely settled not to have used a vacuum cleaner by the damage of either part as the first structure charging a main body and stand in Korea. It is very easy to keep as stand-type and the performance is excellent, assembling powerful motor and high-capacity storage battery possible to clean 30-40 pyung at once.
Chargable/Storage Stand
ALONA vacuum cleaner completely settled the problems in storage and charging of a nozzle is the new concept, accomplishing not only the previous charging method (Body charging) but a stand charging. Anyone can be easy to give a charge of electricity if the chargable part of stand is lift up.
Besides, It is easy to charge and store inside of small space, living room or kitchen, applying the place to store a nozzle for cleaning use to a stand.
Total Weight Consuming hour Chargable time Body size(WxLxH) Name of part Method of packing
2.9kg 15~25
8hour 407107140(mm) Main/Narrow/Triangle /Circle Nozzle /Extended tube/Lantern/Adapter for charging use/
Chargable/Storage Stand
Individual body with fancy color - 1 unit, Transporting box - 6 units