The first vertical downward stand in Korea
  As a vertical downward method possible to put a stand as it stands after cleaning, it can prevent a nozzle from falling apart dust, as well as convenient storage.
As the height of main nozzle is max. 6cm, it is possible to clean any places such as the below of sofa, bed, table, etc.
  Possible to clean anywhere by Up/Down movement of nozzle without any effort and completely remove dust in a deep place when assembling to an extended tube.
The most powerful suction
  Very strong power impossible to compare to the previous products in the improved performance of motor.
(Adopting a motor, storage battery, fan(Three factors to decide the suction of vacuum cleaner), it is maximized the suction by the latest technical design for the optimized efficiency.)

Main nozzle possible to turn all directions(Up/Down/Right/Left) for the first time
  Turning a main nozzle up/down/right/left for users' convenience, compared to the previous products, it will make you more convenient to use without any force when cleaning. .
Vermifuge Net hard to clean
  The complication to wash a dirty vermifuge net by water is completely settled by one of triangle nozzle, which is hard to clean and makes dirty by dust.
No need to bend down by a longer extended tube(460mm) and strong suction.
Comparative analysis of Dust Filter
  - In case of normal filter
it may be inhaled to human body while forming mold on the surface of filter inside and running mold germs by wind sucked in an working of vacuum. Refer to above figure.
Also, there was inconvenience in using, owing to the complication to replace since it is not permanent.

- SucOMille Filter ALONA
is very safe in hygiene as gathering wastes in a cover and filtering minute dust by a dust filter after cleansing. It also can completely remove minute dust or mold germs while washing a filter after cleansing.
Also, it is semi-permanent to use since it is not a paper filter.
Total Weight Consuming hour Chargable time Body size(WxLxH) Name of part Method of packing
2.8kg 15~25
8hour 386/115/140(mm) Main/Horseshoe/Lantern/Stick/Rubber cap/Battery2unit/Stand/Adapter for charging use/Dust filter2/Antena-type Extended tube(with narrow nozzle) Individual body with fancy color - 1 unit.
Transporting box - 6 units