MODEL : AC-10000

- Charging 2 units of battery packs, at the same time and possible to clean continuously.
  - Possible to use for max. 40-50 minutes (Best function in Korea)
- Possible to clean narrow place, applying the antenna-type extended tube
- Maximization of suction, applying the current technical design
- Convenient to clean as the adoption of In & Out stick
- Adoption of lantern and innovated alarm function
- Conversion into the free direction
- Dust Filter - 2 units
Double consuming time
  Possible to charge and easy to replace a storage battery packed by users
Possible to charge 2 units of storage batteries packs at the same time
Double consuming time to replace a storage battery pack
Possible to use for max. 40-50 minutes by one time charging(Best function in Korea)
Intensification of suction
  Adopting a motor, storage battery, fan(Three factors to decide the suction of vacuum cleaner), it maximizes the suction by the latest technical design for the optimized efficiency.
Convenience to use
  Convenient to clean, assembling a separate switch in the grip of In & Out Stick.
Possible to clean a deep narrow and higher place, applying an antenna-type extended tube for the first time in Korea
Remarkably comfortable and easy to use, turning a main nozzle Up/Donw/Left/Righ freely
  The life of wireless vacuum cleaner depends on that of storage battery.
Accordingly, its life is semi-permanent as replacing a storage battery packed.
Additional supply of 1 unit of dust filter required to replace in near future.
Convenience of charging and storage, Reach to the optimized point.
  It stores various kinds of accessories, applying a multi-purpose stand possible to store and charge conveniently after using, Possible to charge 2 units of storage battery packs at the same time, After using, put as it stands without a direction down(Method to keep the way-in of Main nozzle/Vacuum cleaner vertical downward)
Prevention from exposure, leftover, dust sticked in a main nozzle by vertical downward storage.
Simple to clean
  Easy to clean a dust filter, adopting a body cover as In & Out method.
Simple to clean by the structural improvement of dust filter.
Multi-function built in
  Adoption of red revolving flicker light recognizable possible to use in emergency purpose as well as lantern, Possible to clean as the most comfortable pose by users, adopting In & Out stick and Antenna-type extended tube at the same time(For the first time in Korea). Adoption of various kinds of nozzles to clean home or car.
New Millennium Design
  Gorgeous design suitable to the sense of New Millennium
Antenna-type Extended Tube
  Very convenient to adjust the length as the 1st, 2nd, 3rd position.
Also, possible to clean relatively high place such as the narrow of furniture or ceiling, etc with max. 660mm of length while avoiding complication assembling a separate narrow nozzle to an extended tube, and making an extended tube and narrow nozzle as one.
Also, possible to clean the place beyond the reach, keyboard of computer, window frame assembling a horseshoe nozzle.
Perfect settlement for charging and storage of nozzle!!
  ALONA Vacuum cleaner is the new concept one completely changing the previous charging method of stand. Anyone can be easy to give a charge of electricity if the chargable part of stand is lift up, applying a battery pack(storage pack) in domestic market for the first time. It is possible to give a charge of electricity to both stand and main body at a same time if it is fixed into the chargable socket of main body after assembling a battery(storage pack) to the main body as same as a basic type.
And, possible to check out the presence of charging, assembling a chargable sign lamp to a stand.
Also, it is very convenient to store various kinds of accessories for multi-purpose stand use to charge and store conveniently after using.
Total Weight Consuming hour Chargable time Body size(WxLxH) Name of part Method of packing
3.8kg 40~80
8hours 393/115/140(mm) Main/Horseshoe/Lantern/Stick/Rubber cap/Battery2unit/Stand/Adapter for charging use/Dust filter2/Antena-type Extended tube(with narrow nozzle) Individual body with fancy color - 1 unit.
Transporting box - 6 units.