MultiMediaCards (MMCs) are small, removable memory cards used increasingly in mobile phones and digital cameras for storing digital music, games, address books and photos, as well as for enabling a myriad of applications to come together and share digital media including content protected by digital rights management.


MultiMediaCard(MMC) is a data storage  device and communication medium  commonly accepted worldwide.

It has portability and superior performance  at the affordable price.
It is known to consume less power under memory interface, and transfer data at high speed


  Description Specification
  Card  Size 24 X 32 X 2.1mm
  Density 16/32/64/128/256/512MB/1GB
  Interface MultiMedia Card, SPI, Serial interface
  Number  of  pin 7 pins
  weight 1.5g
  Data  transfer  speed Read : Up to 2.5MByte/sec
Write : Up to 2.0MByte/sec
  Read/Write  Current 28 mA / 33 mA
  Operating  Voltage 3.3V (±10%)
  Operating  Temperature -25 to +85°C

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